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Clay Cat Litter is Hurting Our Planet!


Clay cat litter pollutes our planet once it’s used, but it also harms the planet during production since cat litter is "strip mined" and the mining company bulldozes everything at surface level, then removes the topsoil down to the desired mineral. This type of mining destroys the local environment, displaces wildlife due to habitat loss, and can contaminate water tables.


Most scoopable cat litter is bentonite a specific type of clay which forms clumps when exposed to moisture. Scoopable cat litter which makes up 75% of cat litters on the market are made with bentonite clay and NOT BIODEGRADABLE!


Millions of tons of cat litter end up in U.S. landfills each year, and 2.4 million tons of that litter is clay, which isn’t biodegradable and all that cat litter never break down and just goes to landfills.


Not to mention the industrial footprint involved in the physical process of all this mining! There are enormous energy costs in mining the clay, baking it dry, then crushing and rolling it to achieve the desired litter texture – not to mention the cost of burning additional fossil fuels to transport this heavy product around the world.



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What can ECOLITTER™ Do?


ECOLITTER™ is the perfect material for cat litter and animal bedding since it can absorb up to four times its weigh and seven times more bentonite clay. It’s also low-dust, reduces odor, hypoallergenic and composts faster than pellets, straw, and pine shavings. 


Our natural materials are some of world’s most versatile crops and has been for hundreds of years. ECOLITTER™ is absorbent, strong, light-weight, and rapidly-renewable. Animal bedding is just one of the many sustainable and other eco-friendly materials we use are 100% BIODEGRADABLE!


What can you and your critters do to lessen your carbon footprint? Switch to ECOLITTER™


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